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    第 I 卷

    第一部分听力 (共两节满分30分)


    第一节 (共5小题;每小题1.5分满分7.5分)


    1. Why didnt the woman make a cake?

    A. She was very busy. B. She was very angry with the man. C. She hurt her hands.

    2. What is the man used to?

    A. He is used to wearing no hat.

    B. He is used to going out on a cold winter day.

    C. He is used to being done harm to.

    3. Where will Mary probably go tonight?

    A. To Toms home. B. To her hometown. C. To the concert.

    4. Who is probably Hank?

    A. He is the womans old boss.

    B. He is the womans old brother.

    C. He is the womans old classmate.

    5. When is the man checking in?

    A. On Tuesday. B. On Thursday. C. On Friday.



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